Pan Fried Mochi

Mochi is a traditional food popular in Japanese cuisine, made from specially treated rice. It is often presented in the form of a round cake or bun, and is traditionally exchanged at the New Year, although the popularity of the food has made it available in fresh and frozen form year-round in Japan and some other parts of the world. Many specialty stores supply mochi, and it also obtainable in major cities with a large Japanese community.

Mochi is made by soaking short grain glutinous or sticky rice overnight, cooking it, and pounding it into a sticky paste. The paste is molded into shapes which range from simple round buns to complex ornamental pastries, some of which are stuffed with sweet fillings like lotus root and sweet red bean paste. Mochi is often decorated with fruit or flowers, especially when it is exchanged as a gift at celebrations like birthdays and the New Year.

Fresh mochi is usually cooked and served warm with a variety of sauces. Steaming and boiling or simmering are both popular preparations in Japan, along with grilling. Baked mochi can be an unusual treat: it tends to puff up in the oven, creating an interestingly textured food which readily absorbs dipping sauces. Fresh mochi often molds readily, so it should be cooked or frozen within a few days of purchase. Source

Ok mochi is delicious! My five year old loves it! And that should tell you something since he is the worlds pickiest eater ever! You can make cookies, waffles, pancakes or mock sushi with it! I love this recipe pan fried mochi! Great as a snack, mochi can be served savory or sweet. Here we introduce the savory version!

Mochi, cut into 10 pieces (3″by 2″)

Shoyu/soy sauce

Scallions, sliced thin

Grated Daikon ( optional) ( I like daikon but do not normally use it for this dish)

Nori, cut into small pieces

  1. Heat a cast iron skillet or heavy stainless steel skillet until very warm
  2. Place the mochi squares into the pan
  3. Reduce the flame to low and brown one side of the mochi
  4. Turn the mochi pieces over and brown the other side. As it browns, it will puff up slightly. When puffed up and both sides are browned, remove and place on a serving platter.
  5. Sprinkle a few drops of shoyu/soy sauce over the mochi. Top with scallions slices and grated daikon (optional) and wrap each piece with nori.

This dish can also be prepared with oil. Brush the heated skillet with a small amount of oil. When using oil, it si recommended to serve the mochi with grated daikon to help the digestion of oil.

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